Our Unique Process

At Off-Site Construction we manage the modular process from initial design through to delivery and sign off. We work closely with the client and their design team to ensure our pods offer value engineering without compromise and provide a precision engineered product that is tailor-made for the project.

Our Unique

We make sure we understand exactly what our clients require and in collaboration with the client’s design team we ensure that the most innovative and efficient solution is developed.

1. Client Engagement

Off-Site Construction collaborate with our clients from initial inquiry through a detailed tender process and into design development and project delivery.  We can offer detailed advice, value engineering solutions and specification enhancements that maximise both value and quality.

All of our projects are fully designed in Autodesk Revit software for full integration into your teams BIM workflow.

2. Bespoke Design

Every scheme is unique, so we approach each project from first principals. This process offers the time to fully understand the design intent and any potential project related constraints.

Our dedicated in-house design and drafting team are directly linked to our manufacturing process to guarantee a holistic approach from ‘mouse to manufacture’. This ensures that no detail is overlooked, and all elements are completely compatible, giving design teams and clients confidence in the delivery of their vision.

Off-Site Construction’s invaluable involvement at the early stages and throughout each project coupled with our ability to offer innovative solutions to complex problems means we achieve higher standards than could ever be achieved through traditional construction methods.

3. Manufacturing

Our core structure is in the form of galvanised cold rolled steel produced by a fully automated high precision roll forming machine. Units are then fabricated by our multi-skilled workforce, offering high quality modular units that adhere to very low tolerances.

4. Quality Control

Our bathroom pods are fully CE certified and with our strict quality management procedures ensure that premium standards of quality remain constant throughout each project. All of our products are manufactured using only highly specified, certified components, each hand-picked from industry leading manufacturers to ensure each element is defect free during installation, transportation and in-service.

Off-Site Construction operate an ISO 9001 standard quality management system that ensures each stage of production is monitored and records are maintained as a support for the products and progress through the production process.

Each module is given a unique identifier upon commencement of manufacture. This identifier acts as a passport for the unit as it moves through the manufacturing process. This ensures that there is intrinsic traceability from procurement through to on-site installation and assists in the ongoing facilities management for the life time of the building.

Our steel is CE certified and our process ensures traceability from the mill source through to the imprinting of the project details on each length, which allows us to uniquely identify these elements of our product, with all records being held in line with regulations for a period of 10 years.

All of our products and materials are sourced from approved suppliers and inspected on delivery to our factory to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

Each unit is assessed for quality at multiple stages throughout the process and is then fully tested and certified in our facility before delivery to site to ensure there are no site delays and quality is guaranteed. To ensure project BC(A)R compliance and exhaustive list of all components and test results were products issued throughout the project with all design certification.

5. Transportation

Transportation to site is generally by articulated trucks and is planned well in advance with the project team to ensure the deliveries are seamless and in accordance with their programme. We carry out detailed risk assessments for the weather protection of the products and the unloading at the construction project. We ensure that there is no requirement for any operatives to work at height or be exposed to any risks during the unloading process.

6. Installation

All of our modular building elements can be brought to site and positioned on the project as the project structure is progressed or the units can be installed after the structure is complete. This flexibility also allows prefabricated modular units to be incorporated into existing structures during refurbishment. At Off-Site Construction our pods are designed to allow easy movement along any floor plate for final positioning in any building project.

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