We make sure we understand exactly what our clients require and in collaboration with the client’s design team we ensure that the most innovative and efficient solution is developed.

Modular Product Portfolio


Off-Site Construction manufacture a range of pods for both commercial and residential projects. These pods can be designed and manufactured to any size or specification.
All of our pod structures are manufactured from cold rolled steel ensuring all services for the pods can be incorporated into the depth of the pod frame. This offers significant savings to our clients when fitting out the projects that incorporate Off-Site Constructions unique pod system.

Each bathroom pod is fully fitted out and completed in-house by our trained specialists with guaranteed quality assurance, as our systems are built in strict accordance with statutory regulations and code of practice.

What’s included

  • Our Pods are CE Compliant
  • Our Steel Frame solution is fully galvanised and CE Certified
  • Our pod components are sourced from certified suppliers
  • Our pods do not necessitate concrete slab rebates
  • Our pods can be supplied with or without floors
  • Our pods incorporate all services within the wall structure

And there’s more…

  • Our pod walls can be Fire & Acoustic Rated
  • Our pods do not require independent wall structures once installed
  • Our pod lifting methodology de-risks onsite lifting
  • Our pods ensure no breach of weather protection during installation
  • Our pods are easily moved throughout the site
  • Our pods can accommodate any range of wall board specification
  • Our specified adhesives provide 25 year guarantees

Our bathroom pods are CE certified and our factory procedures ensure that our controlled environment off site process allows for a reduced timescale in comparison to traditional build. Off-Site Construction allows for no delays due to weather or other trades being behind programme. This allows for Off-Site Construction to adhere to set deadlines which ensure the client remains within budget and helps manage costs.


At Off-Site Construction we offer bespoke accessories to ensure that any project we deliver has a unique, high quality finish that enhances the aesthetic of any room and can further reinforce brand identity. Off-Site Construction can manufacture various bespoke accessories and fitted items for pods at our facility.

Bespoke Mirrors

With our attention to detail and use of high quality components we offer a wide range of finishes, designs and additional functions that make any mirror not only visually attractive but also functional. This can include:

Integral lighting
Integral lighting
We have varied lighting solutions including, in mirror lighting, backlighting and halo lighting.
Framed or Frameless Design
Framed or Frameless Design
Iniodised, brushed, chrome, brass and wood laminates are just some of the finishes we offer on a variety of mirror frame options.
Etching designs of any shape or extent can be incorported into your mirror design.
Magnifying Mirror Inclusions or Separate Attachments
Magnifying Mirror Inclusions or Separate Attachments
Magnifing mirrors can be backlit, have integral lighting, be standalone or incorporated into larger flat mirrors.
IP Rating
IP Rating
All of our mirrors assemblies that have elctrical componets are rated IP 44 rated as a minimum standard.
Demisting pads of various sizes can be incorported into the mirror design ensuring a clear mirror surface in all bathroom conditions.
Bespoke Design
Bespoke Design
We can manufcature any mirror design you require without any constraints.
Commercial Options
Commercial Options
Commercial Options Available
We can accommodate various design accross a wide spectrum of projects in many sectors.


Infill panels form a framed steel stud structure between the columns and slabs of a building perimeter. This structure allows fire rating, acoustic proofing, and weathering materials be installed and provides support for the external façade.

Infill panels are an alternative method of closing a building structure compared to more traditional methods like blockwork. The panels thickness and complexity depend on the size of the required openings on the façade, the column centres and the height between floor slabs. All panels are designed by our structural engineers and will take into account the façade treatment materials, fixings, wall performance, deflections, and location. The panels are fabricated from light gauge steel and take up less space on the building footprint than most other façade treatment method. The light gauge steel construction allows flexibility in the panel design and can be incorporated into nearly all facades regardless of complexity.

Features and Benefits of the infill panels include

  • Constructed from light gauge galvanised steel.
  • Light weight thus not adding any significant weight to the building structure.
  • The infill panel design allows for in service slab deflection.
  • Fast installation allows other trades progress in the building sooner as the building is made weather tight earlier.
  • It is a dry and clean activity.
  • Short lead-in times are required as the frame is manufactured on our roll forming machines producing full height studs.
  • Heights of up to 5m can be achieved in panel construction.
  • The infill panels can accommodate multiple layers of boards to enhance acoustic and fire performance.
  • Insulation can be attached to the panels externally resulting in a warm frame construction.
  • Many different façade/cladding fixing can be accommodated including brick and block wall ties.
  • The façade panels can be prefabricated off-site depending on the structure and façade design.

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