Benefits of Modular Construction

Including modular construction in any building project can help achieve significant savings on the overall project, especially in terms of cost savings, quality control and achieving economies of scale. Here are are list of benefits that can be realised by using our services to complete projects of all sizes.

Benefits of Modular Systems

Cost saving and price stability

  • Guarantees price certainty as buildable designs are ‘locked down’ at an earlier stage.
  • Accelerated build programmes, offering savings on labour, preliminaries, and overheads.
  • Reduced waste, making each product more efficient and therefore more cost-effective.
  • Reductions in power, tools and on-site energy usage.
  • Reductions for energy-in-use due to higher standards of construction and reduced ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Reduced deliveries to site and subsequent reductions in waste to be taken off.

Controlled manufacturing environment

  • Guarantees superior quality than can be achieved on site through Quality Management Systems.
  • Work in controlled facility is up to 3 times more productive than on-site.
  • Work can be carried out in parallel with site, accelerating project programmes.
  • No delays resulting from adverse weather conditions.
  • Significant improvements in working conditions.
  • Reduced on site snagging as defects and M&E commissioning are carried out prior to delivery to site.
  • Health and safety improved by up to 80% over conventional construction techniques.
  • Reductions in on-site waste and enhanced recycling.

Improved Project Programmes

  • Working in controlled environments using repetitive techniques and convenient equipment like large-scale jigs, modular construction results in faster build times.
  • Weather delays are not a factor, so contractors are able to complete daily build goals and easily avoid setbacks that are common with onsite construction.
  • Certainty in product delivery.

Improved Sustainability

  • Reduce, Recycle, Reuse are inherent to modular construction.
  • Up to 90% reduction in on site waste.
  • Up to 80% reduction in on site energy usage.
  • Up to 25% reduction for energy-in-use.
  • Up to 90% fewer vehicle movements on site, reducing noise, dust, congestion and carbon emissions.
  • Reduced road traffic movements to site.
  • Factory quality control and improved waste management.
  • Smaller carbon footprint and therefore wider environmental benefits.

Improved Whole Life Costs

  • Reduced failure rates and more reliable products than those built in-situ.
  • Reduced occupancy costs related to energy use, defects and repairs.
  • Reduced asset maintenance cost for end client.

Site Benefits

  • Up to 90% reduction in on-site labour.
  • Up to 90% less waste than site-based methods.
  • Reduced on-site management required and coordination of multiple trades.
  • Reductions in site security.
  • Reductions in on-site Health and Safety.
  • Reductions for on-site welfare facilities and tools.
  • Reduced on-site energy requirements.
  • Reduced storage requirements.
  • Up to 90% fewer vehicle movements on site, reducing noise, dust, congestion and carbon emissions.

Streamline Logistics

  • Just in time’ deliveries to suit project programme.
  • All weather working eliminates impact on product delivery.
  • Fewer material deliveries to site and fewer waste collections.
  • Up to 90% fewer vehicle movements on site, reducing noise, dust, congestion and carbon emissions.

Economies of Scale

  • Off-Site Construction offers bespoke designs to be scaled up across projects and portfolios.
  • Modular construction ensures more efficient and cost-effective procurement.

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